The ONLY way to relive your wedding day

Viva La Video llc is based out of Appleton, WI. Eric Ash is the owner of Viva La Video llc and filmed his first wedding in 1999. He is a 2003 graduate of Madison Media Institute and also works in commercial production and digital media. He still grows his passion for wedding videography not only in his filming style but in the deciphering of various story lines that take place on any given wedding day.

“I really love to arrive on location and just stop and soak in the environment, I want to listen to the sounds and sights each wedding I find myself in. Obviously on a wedding day the emotions are going to be off the charts, I don’t want my videocamera to be another set of eyes taking you out of your comfort zone.  I never wish for the bride and groom to ever feel like they have to play up to the camera or be someone they are not. Being the center of attention all day and night is already enough to deal with, I like to pull back and use lenses that will get in close to the action without feeling like I am closing in on you. I want every bride to feel comfortable, I kind of slip into the background and go about my work and it produces very natural results.”

“I love meeting new people and breaking the ice in a room. Sometimes it is absolutely necessary. My easy going personality helps me navigate my day. I feel as though my experience allows me a certain freedom to be vigilant yet at ease with the flow of the day. What I appreciate most after 15 years is the feedback I get from couples. Filming your wedding ties me to a couple and I do not take that blessing for granted. I get to witness the blending of families the start of so many loving foundations that families create. I also appreciate the strong connecting with other friends in the wedding business. There is so much talent in and around the Fox Cities when it comes to wedding services that I feel happy to play a small and part in all of it. I feel so much gratitude for the strong community of wedding DJ’s, Photographers, Event Coordinators, and other wedding specialist pushing our name out there. We are blessed to allow word of mouth as our best advertisement. Facebook and Youtube have created an amazing platform for me to share our work globally, instantly.”

“There is no better feedback than when I see people responding online with messages like;

“OMG, I am totally bawling my eyes out at work over your wedding video, trying to hide it but almost impossible. So much joy.”  

“Messages like this make me smile because if we can engage our audience with stunning visuals, amazing detail, and a heartfelt story there is no denying the power of our storytelling.” “People say I am an “emotional shooter”, I take that as a compliment because it means that raw emotion is brought out while viewing our videos. I cherish the fact that I get to celebrate with the families and the bridal party. I have found that almost all of my brides and grooms really respond to the interview portion with great pride. Family loves to hear from other family members with a personal message. I love having the chance to speak with Moms, Dads, Brothers, Sisters, cousins, college roomates, kindergarten classmates, etc. They all have powerful stories. I have the ability to put people at ease while talking about their loved ones. It took me a long time to learn that skill and it really sets our work apart from other wedding videographers. I am my family’s historian and I try to bring up family values and history into my brief conversations.”

“This process really helps me get to know the heart of each Bride and Groom before our day really kicks off. It helps me shape their story. When the people you love most are gushing about you it brings out joy, laughter, tears, and so many wonderful stories. I then mix those interviews into our HIGHLIGHT video, and an honest story emerges told through the starry eyes of your wedding party. I LOVE telling those stories because they mean so much from the family’s perspective. To have a shooting style that visually brings you back in tha moment, that is something a photo simply cannot do.

I want each and every couple I work with to walk away feeling like their wedding video is loaded with wonderful memories and has a high replay value. Today’s wedding videographers are taking advantage of so many new and wonderful filming tools. The footage we are collecting can be absolutely breath taking. I pride myself on being in great standing with other amazing wedding videographers in the Fox Cities and beyond. We don’t want to drop the ball on your wedding day since the memories are, remember, priceless. How many other days in your entire life do we get to celebrate the power of two? How many days are all about you? I don’t take any wedding for granted, nor do we stop working to capture as much as we can. Because it matters to you, this is your wedding day and let’s celebrate this blessed union with friends and family for a lifetime.”

Viva La Video llc is the only way to relive your wedding day.

Eric Ash
Owner / Lead Videographer / Video Editor