About Us

“I really love to arrive on location and just stop and soak in the environment. Obviously the emotions at every wedding are going to be off the charts, so I don’t want my video camera to be another set of eyes taking you out of your comfort zone.  I never wish for the bride and groom to ever feel like they have to play up to the camera or be someone they are not. Being the center of attention all day and night is already enough to deal with, I like to pull back and use lenses that will get in close to the action without feeling like I am closing in on you. I prefer to slip into the background, let the photographers handle the group, and effectively go about my work. This style works for me, and it produces very natural results that Brides and Grooms are satisfied with.”

“My easy going personality really helps me navigate each wedding I film. I feel as though my vast experience allows me a certain freedom to be vigilant, yet at ease with the flow of the day. What I appreciate most after 16 years of filming is the feedback I get from couples. Filming your wedding ties me to a couple forever, and I do not take that blessing for granted. I get to witness the loving foundation that families create on their wedding day and create a new storyline true to the day’s events.”

“I want each couple I work with to walk away feeling like their wedding video is loaded with wonderful memories. I want them feeling it has a high replay value. This is your wedding day so let’s celebrate this blessed union with friends and family for a lifetime.”

“I also appreciate the strong connection with other friends and colleagues in the wedding industry. There is so much talent in and around the Fox Cities when it comes to wedding services that I feel happy to play a part in all of it year in and year out.”

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